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Specifications Honda C70 Cub/Passport


This page lists the maintenance and general specifications of the C70 from 1970 to 1986. Other pages deal with maintenance and repair of the bike, through the Small Honda Homepage. This specifications chart is not yet complete. There were numerous detail changes to the bikes during this period, and some markets also had other variations. Generally, up until the mid to late 1970's they used a down draught carburettor, but for the later ones they switched to a side draught. The frame was modernised slightly in style in about 1982, although the older frame continued to sell a little beyond this. The most significant change was from 6 volts and points ignition to 12 volts and CDI electronic ignition. Electric start was fitted for some markets, but only as an option in others. Electric start models had a slightly different fairing.

Models sold in north America in the early 1980's were known as the 'Passport'. Clymer: M310-12, ISBN 0-89287-683-2.

C70 Model History
Chassis No./ VIN no. Colors
1970-71 C70M 017962 - Aquarius Blue
Bright Red
Pine Green
2 seater seat, rear passenger footpegs, electric start, "HONDA 70" badge on fuel tank,
1972-73 C70 2000000 - Strato Blue Met.
Poppy Yellow Met.
"Honda 70" fuel tank badge, single seater seat, rear luggage rack, electric start
C70 1972-77

Smooth curved frame, round front indicators, headlamp part of handlebar shroud, 6v electrics, points ignition, OHC engine
C70Z-2 1977-79

As above
C70Z-Z 1979-1983

As above
Passport 1980 DA01 1000014 - Parakeet Yellow
Angel Blue
The yellow bike had a brown and white seat, the blue bike had a black and white seat, 2 seater seat
Passport 1981 JH2DA0106BS100003 - Parakeet Yellow
Angel Blue
Monza Red
2 seater seat in black and white, front basket and rack, short rear rack, "PASSPORT" on fuel tank, electric start, modified engine side covers
Passport 1982 JH2DA0107CS200001 - Angel Blue
Monza Red
As above, plus now 12 volt electrics and CD ignition, electric start, frame and leg shields more squared off.
Passport 1983 JH2DA0107DS300004 - Blue Met.
Special Silver Met.
Monza Red
as above. plus the modified side covers no longer used and rear shocks were full length.
C70-C 1982-84

A more squared off frame, 12v electrics, CDI ignition
C70-E 1984-86

As above.
Dimensions Overall Length
71.1 in.
1805 mm
Overall Width
26.2 in.
685 mm
Overall Height
39.2 in.
995 mm
46.5 in.
1180 mm
Seat Height
29.9 in.
760 mm
Min. Ground Clearance
5.1 in.
130 mm
Dry Weight
184 lbs.
83.5 kg
Frame Type Pressed & tube steel type
F suspension, travel Leading link, travel 2.2 in. (55 mm)
R suspension, travel Swing arm, travel 2.4 in. (60 mm)
F tire size, pressure 2.25x17-4PR, 28 psi 2.25x17-4PR, 2.0 kg/cm2
R tire size, pressure 2.50x17-6PR, 28 psi (40 psi when laden) 2.50x17-6PR, 2.0 kg/cm2 (2.8 when laden)
F brake, lining area Cable, Internal expanding shoes, area 13.4 sq-in. (86.4 sq-cm)
R brake, lining area Rod, Internal expanding shoes, area 13.4 sq-in. (86.4 sq-cm)
Fuel capacity
1.05 US gal./4.0 l.
Fuel reserve capacity
0.21 US gal./0.8 l.
Caster angle 64 deg.
Trail length
2.8 in./ 70 mm
Engine Type Air cooled, 4 stroke OHC engine
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder 80 deg inclined from vertical
Bore and stroke 1.850 x 1.630 in. 47.0 x 41.4 mm
Displacement 4.4 cu-in. 72cc
Compression Ratio 8.8 : 1
Valve train Chain driven overhead camshaft
Maximum horsepower
5.0 BHP at 7000 rpm
Maximum torque 3.9 lb/ft at 5500 rpm 0.56 kg-m at 5500 rpm
Oil capacity
0.74 US qt.
0.7 l
Lubrication system Forced and wet sump
Cylinder head compression pressure 178 +/-7 psi at 1000 rpm 12.5 +/-0.5 kg/cm2 at 1000 rpm
Intake valve opens 0 deg BTDC
Intake valve closes 20 deg ABDC
Exhaust valve opens 25 deg BBDC
Exhaust valve closes 5 deg ATDC
Valve tappet clearance
IN-EX 0.0002 in.
IN-EX 0.05mm
Idle speed 1500 +/-100 rpm
Carburation Carburettor Type Piston valve (slide), 14mm (0.55") venturi bore
ID. Number 1980 model: PB32A 1981 model: PB32C
Float Level
Drive Train Clutch Wet, multi plate, semi-auto centrifugal type
Transmisson 3 speed constant mesh
Primary reduction 4.058
Gear Ratio 1 3.272
Gear Ratio 2 1.722
Gear Ratio 3 1.190
Final reduction 2.571, drive sprocket XXT, driven sprocket XXT
Gear shift pattern Left foot operated return system, N-1-2-3
Electrical Ignition Flywheel magneto
Points Gap
0.012 - 0.016"
0.3 - 0.4 mm
Ignition Timing "F" Mark
15o BTDC, Static
Advance Start 1875 rpm
Full Advance
30o BTDC, at 2900 rpm
Starting System Kick starter and/or starter motor
Generator Flywheel AC generator, 57W at 5000 rpm
Battery Capacity 6 V, 11 Ah
Spark plug (normal) NGK C7HS or ND U22FS
Spark plug (cold climates) NGK C6H or ND U20FS
Spark plug (high speeds) NGK C9H or ND U24FB
Spark Plug Gap 0.024 - 0.028" / 0.6 - 0.7 mm
Fuse Capacity 10 A

Bolts & Other Fasteners
Thread dia. (mm)
Engine Cylinder Head Cover
0.9 - 1.2
7 - 9
Camshaft Sprocket
0.5 - 0.9
4 - 7
Clutch Locknut
3.8 - 4.5
28 - 33
Final Drive Sprocket
1.0 - 1.4
7 - 10
5.5 - 6.5
40 - 47
Spark Advancer
0.9 - 1.2
7 - 9
Frame Steering Stem Nut
6. 0 - 9.0
43 - 65
Handlebar Setting Nut
2.0 - 3.0
14 - 22
Steering Lock
0.6 -1.3
4 - 9
Front Axle Nut
3.0 - 4.0
22 - 29
Engine Hanger Bolt
2.5 - 3.5
18 - 25
Rear Axle Nut
4. 0 - 5.0
29 - 36
Final Driven sprocket
2.0 - 2.5
14 - 18
Rear Brake Torque Link
1.0 - 2.0
7 - 14
Rear Shock Absorber
2.0 - 3.0
14 - 22
Foot Peg
2.0 - 2.5
14 - 18
Swing Arm Pivot Bolt
3.0 - 4.0
22 - 29
Front Suspension Pivot Bolt
1.0 - 2.0
7 - 14
Front Suspension Pivot Bolt
2.0 - 3.0
14 - 22
Front Shock Absorber Upper Bolt
2.5 - 3.5
18 - 25
Front Turn Signal Stay
0.35 - 0.5
2.5 - 3.6
General 5 mm bolt/nut
0.45 - 0.6
3.3 - 4.3
6 mm bolt/nut
0.8 - 1.2
6 - 9
8 mm bolt/nut
1.8 - 2.5
13 - 18
10 mm bolt/nut
3.0 - 4.0
22 - 29
12mm bolt/nut
5.0 - 6.0
36 - 43
5 mm screw
0.35 - 0.5
2.5 - 3.6
6 mm screw
0.7 - 1.1
5 - 8
6 mm flange bolt/nut
1.0 - 1.4
7 - 10
8 mm flange bolt/nut
2.4 - 3.0
17 - 22
10 mm flange bolt/nut
3.0 - 4.0
22 - 29

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Other side of HONDA C70

Sorichiro Honda

Honda 50 honda 70 honda 90 honda c100 honda c102 honda cm90 honda cub Honda club Honda c50 honda c90 honda c70

1906 - Soichiro Honda, born on the 17th of November in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. The eldest son of a blacksmith who repaired bicycles, the young Soichiro had only an elementary school education when, in his teens, he left home to seek his fortune in Tokyo. He was a mechanical engineer with a passion for motorcycle and automobile racing.

1922 - An auto repair company hired him, but for a year he was forced to serve as a baby-sitter for the auto shop's owner and his wife.

1936 - His racing career was short lived, however. He suffered serious injuries in a crash.

1937 - He had recovered from his injuries. He established his own company, manufacturing piston rings, but he found that he lacked a basic knowledge of casting.

1945 - His burgeoning company mass-produced metal propellers during WWII, replacing wooden ones. Allied bombing and an earthquake destroyed most of his factory and he sold what was left to Toyota.

1946 - Started his company by building motorized bicycles with small, war-surplus engines. He would grow to become the world’s leading manufacturer of motorcycles and later one of the leading automakers.
- He established the Honda Technical Research Institute to motorize bicycles with small, war-surplus engines.

1948 - His bikes became very popular in Japan. The institute soon began making engines. Renamed Honda Motor, the company began manufacturing motorcycles.

1951 - He brought out the Dream Type E motorcycle, which proved an immediate success thanks to Honda's innovative overhead valve design.

1952 - The smaller F-type cub, accounted for 70% of Japan's motorcycle production by the end of that year.

1958 - A public offering and support from Mitsubishi Bank allowed Honda to expand and begin exporting. The versatile C100 Super Cub was released and became an international bestseller.

1959 - The American Honda Motor was founded and soon began using the slogan, "You meet the nicest people on a Honda," to offset the stereotype of motorcyclists during that period.

- In June, the Honda racing team brought their first motorbike to compete in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (T.T.) race, then the world’s most popular motorcycle race. This was the first entry by a Japanese team.

1961 - Their first failure, they were the sensation at the TT by capturing the first five places in both the 125cc and 250cc classes. The upstart Japanese had outclassed all their rivals. As a result of the team's stellar performance, the Honda name became well known worldwide, and its export volume rose dramatically.

1967 - He oversaw a worldwide company, he entered the automobile market, he never shied away from getting his hands greasy.

1971 - He was awarded the AMA’s highest honor, the Dud Perkins Award.

1973 - At 67, retired on the 25th anniversary of Honda's founding. He declared his conviction that Honda should remain a youthful company.

1989 - He also received the American auto industry's highest award when he was admitted to the Automotive Hall of Fame.

1991 - Died on the 5th of August from liver failure at 84.

si pipit

Alkisah begini.. dari awalnya diriku tu pengen banget pnya motor... n pilihanku tertuju pada motor HONDA yang terkenal ngirit, banter, gesit, genit, dan lainnya.... pokoknya bandel deh..
Apalagi motor yang satu ini... wooooow dari lirikan matanya ni.... menggairahkan, ntu liat potonya..

palagi dari bodi sampingnya yahuuuud,

tapi jangan salah dari blakang tak kalah semoknya dari bebek2 biasa yang ada..

Dilahirkan pada taon 1976, isi cilinder 70cc, body warna hijau, warna TNKB hitam (ugh menyeramkan..), dan makanannya bensin 4,5 liter klo fuel.. HONDA C70 itulah namanya cman diriku sering menyebutnya si PiPit.. cinta sejatiku....(walah sok romantis yee... kyak g butuh wedokan) ya memang butuh, maksudnya tu juga bisa diajak berpetualang cinta.. walaupun hanya beberapa gadis menyatakan mau (dengan berat hati mo ngomongnya) berboncengan denganku menaiki si PiPit.. yang pentingkan jurus rayuan gombalnya kukeluarkan.. (ciaaaat-ciaaaat-ciaaaaaaat... kena dech.. hehehe) beberapa pergi lagi.. yang laen ngantri kali ya.... Ups koq jadi ngomongin ntu sich...

Kita lanjut lagi.....

Dengan rata-rata kecepatan 80-100 Km/jam motor ni dah menyusuri
berbagai daerah pebukitan diantaranya: wonosari, kulon progo, kaliurang, merapi, magelang, kaki bukit gunung sumbing dan masih banyak lagi... sampe lupa aku, dah mengembara kemana ja, cos menemaniku hampir 10 tahun...
Walaupun dia tidak seumuran denganku malahan lebih tua dariku sekitar 5 tahunan.. tapi dia dah menemaniku melanglang berbagai kota, khususnya daerah Jogja Rock City... masih tangguh kan.... bayang pun 10 taon men....
Ada kisah unik diriku dengan si PiPit.. begini ceritanya......
Pada suatu waktu (lupa aku kapan ya, pokoknya pada saat mo brangkat kuliah) dah keburu waktu ups tiba2 smpai di jalan raya tu keadaannya macet... padahal aku dah tancap gas.. wuuuus-wuuuuus.... ciiiiiiiiiit.. tiba-tiba di sebelah barat pertigaan Janti ada mobil ngerem mendadak... diriku dan si PiPit pun kaget... Astaghfirullah.... ccciiiiiiiitt.. GEDUBRAK.... ban depan si PiPit masuk dibawah bemper belakang mobil tu... dan aku berpikir waduh roda si Pipit nee... ternyata sekejap kulihat dan kurasakan Alhamdulillah g da perbedaan dengan sebelum nabrak... padahal aku melihat bemper mobil tu penyok2 hingga membentuk ban si PiPit...

Itu tadi kisah Klasik yang dulu untuk Masa depan.. untuk cerita anak cucu...


July 6,2009

Huaaaa… ini hari terakhirku di Surabaya. Bertemu dengan teman lama dan juga sepupu jauhku adalah agenda utama hari ini. Makan nasi pecel Kertajaya membuka perjalanan hari ini. Dilanjuti dengan menelusuri pantai kenjeran lalu tiba deh di Suramadu.

@ Madura, 1 km before Suramadu bridge

@ Madura, 1 km before Suramadu bridge

Mataharinya terik banget, tapi udaranya dingin. Menurutku seru juga sih Jam 10.00 udaranya begitu. Cuma ga tahan debunya. Untungnya tidak kesiangan karena pas kembali ke Surabaya macet aja gitu yang mau masuk ke Suramadu. Kalau dibandingan dengan naik kapal memang jauh lebih murah. Bisa separuh harga, bahkan kurang. Jadi bisa dibayangkan dong yah betapa Jembatan ini sangat menolong. Sudah murah lalu tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama (hanya hitungan menit sudah tiba di Madura, tidak seperti naik kapal yang memakan waktu 1 Jam).

Perjalananku hari ini lanjut ke Jl. Pacar. Disana sudah menunggu gerobak bakwan malang yang katanya enak. Berhubung di kamusku hanya ada enak dan enak banget serta ini salah satu makanan kesukaanku, jadi jangan heran kalau aku mampu menghabiskan 1 1/2 porsi. Dari sana berlanjut ke Ice Cream Zangrandi. Meskipun menurutku tetap Campina paling enak, aku harus ke Zangrandi sembari janjian dengan seorang teman lama dan seorang sepupuku yang tinggal disini. lagipula sepertinya ice cream ini direkomendasikan semua orang kalau ke Surabaya.

Erik (my cousin), me and Artya (my old friend)

Erik (my cousin), me and Artya (my old friend)

Dari Zangrandi aku mengurus hotel untuk Check out dan langsung makan siang dirumah keluarga besarnya tiok. Dari sini petualanganku dimulai. Petualangan singkat bersama si Honda putih selama 1,5 Jam saja menelusuri jalan di Surabaya. Masih penasaran sama si Honda C50. Ternyata memang banyak Honda seliweran. Tapi kebanyakan C70. Sedangkan aku masih kekeuh dengan si C50 itu.

Widhi (tiok's cousin) and Me

Widhi (tiok's cousin) and Me

Pemberhentian pertama adalah rumah Mirza (teman Widhi). Aku kaget dan hampir teriak pas melihat sebuah sepeda motor tua yang bertengger didalam garasinya. Motor itu bukan C50. Tapi melihat model nya yang pispot serta warnanya yang seru, benar benar membuatku terpesona. Kata Widhi, motor C70 pispot ini lebih susah dicari dibandingkan C50. Mirza semakin meng-kompori aku setelah dia menyebutkan nominal dari C70 pispot bahan yang iya dapatkan. Hanya 1,5 juta! Mirza memang terkenal beruntung dalam hal motor-motor tua. Dia tidak perlu mencari bahan, tetapi rata rata bahan-bahan tersebut datang ke dia. Rumahnya yang mungil dia jadikan bengkel untuk mengutak ngatik seluruh bahan yang dia dapatkan secara tidak sengaja. Selain si C70 pispot itu dia sedang membangun Honda Chaly. Huhuhu gemas rasanya….

C70 Pispot milik Mirza

C70 Pispot milik Mirza

Setelah mencoba keliling komplek dengan motor Mirza, aku melanjutkan perjalananku ke sebuah bengkel kecil tak jauh dari sana. Humm banyak CB yang sudah rapi, tak banyak yang bisa kulihat karena aku sudah tidak konsen berada disana. Waktu sudah menunjukan pukul 4.00 sore, flight jam 7.00 malam sedangkan aku harus menjemput ibu ku di rumah sepupuku. Aku memang tidak suka kalau terlalu mepet dengan waktu penerbangan. aku selalu mau menikmati akhir dari perjalan ini. Hampir setiap perjalanan sih…

Penutup dari perjalanan ini benar benar diluar dugaan. Memang hampir tidak pernah aku melakukan penerbangan di malam hari. Terpesona aku melihat City Light kota Surabaya dari tempat duduk ku. Benar benar tidak mau melewatkan sedikit pun pemandangan itu. Aku coba mengambil gambar, tapi sayang hasilnya tidak bagus. Dan satu hal yang ingin sekali aku lakukan adalah menunjukan city light itu sama kamu. Tapi sayang… sepertinya untuk saat ini, aku hanya bisa menikmati itu sendiri tanpa kamu…

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